Fee arrangements vary given the circumstances of any given legal matter, especially with criminal defense cases. Every situation is different, and The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC recognizes that there is not a "one-size fits all" fee for all cases. That being said, it will always try to be arranged where fees paid are reasonable given the time and complexity that will be required to develop an effective defense.

Criminal Cases

For criminal cases, clients are usually billed on a flat-rate for any pre-trial issues, with an additional fee if the case proceeds to trial.  In a DWI case, a flat-rate payment might cover all of the costs for handling a specific legal matter, including any pre-trial issues, the handling of the administrative license revocation hearing (ALR), and/or help in obtaining an occupational driving license (ODL).  The flat-fee is determined given the complexities of the case and the time involved with researching the issue, and possibly the need for any hearings required on the matter.  Usually the factors taken into account when tied to the time involved with handling the case, the county where the charge is pending, and whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony.

Common factors to be considered usually are:

  • The severity of the charges and possible consequences;
  • The number of charges involved;
  • The complexity of the case;
  • The likelihood that the case will be taken to trial.

Above all else, The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC will seek to minimize all costs associated with representation, and will try to give you the absolute most for all fees paid.  Simply put, representation is always designed with the client in mind.  Fees are therefore structured so that clients only pay for the services that they desire and require.

Family Law

Family law fees are paid usually on a down payment basis, with the client billed for the hours spent working on the case.  In the event the down payment is exhausted, additional fees will  usually be required.  Family law cases are always different and usually the amount of time required is dependent on what services the client requires.  The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC will try and resolve all issues as expeditiously as possible, in an attempt to needlessly dragging out any unnecessary issues.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are usually structured on a contingency fee basis. This means that the client will only when a a settlement is reached.  Certain personal injury cases could be worked on a bifurcated basis conducted in the form of a set fee used as a down payment, with the remaining fee agreed to be paid on a contingency basis.  This will only be used in certain circumstances and only when the situation dictates.

Trial Fees

A trial fee is always associated with any criminal case and is usually communicated to clients from the beginning most often at the initial meeting, or as soon as possible given other circumstances involved.  Carl conveys to all prospective clients that if any attorney they speak with about possible representation DOES NOT discuss with them a trial fee in the initial consult, then they should probably NOT hire that attorney.  Fees should be discussed up front with clients and communicated from the very beginning.  If an attorney does not discuss with a potential client the necessity for charging a trial fee, it usually means they have no intention of actually trying the case to a judge or jury.  If this is the mindsent from the beginning of the case, Carl is a firm believer that it is impossible to represent a client as effectively as possible.

The reality of a trial, either by judge or jury, is the preparation in getting ready is always a considerable undertaking that requires an immense amount of time and energy.  Aside from this, there are usually multiple trial settings that occur before any given matter will be reached and heard before the court.  The court usually sets which trial will be heard and when.  The other cases not reached on a specific date will then be reset for another date to possibly be heard in the future.  There is a possibility that any given case is also designated to be "on-call" should the others not actually proceed to trial.  Because of this, an attorney will have to block out all of these time periods to appear in the event it is reached on that date.   The trial itself will take anywhere from 2 days to a week (perhaps longer if the facts are more complex).

Given all of these factors, an attorney must be prepared to go to trial at all EVERY setting. Obviously, this will require full attention of the attorney, as he cannot represent any other clients during this time frame.  There are many trials set on the same date for all courts, regardless of whether it is a felony or a misdeanor case.  The opportunity to present any given case in a trial setting either to a judge or a jury is something that Carl fully welcomes.  

However, given the aforementioned factors, it is impossible to fully prepare to present a case to a jury absent a trial fee being paid.  Every attempt will be made for an alternate disposition of a case, especially upon request by the client.  It should always be kept in mind that in certain circumstances a case should be set for trial.  Often setting something for trial is the best option to give the accused the best possibility of obtaining a successful result for their case.  Carl will fully discuss the pros and cons of setting something for trial in the event that this is the avenue that should be pursued.  

Payment Plans

No one plans for the unfortunate circumstance of having to deal with the fees associated with fighting a criminal charge.  Therefore, payment plans are always afforded as an avenue for any fee incurred. The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC provides payment plans for all clients with no additional charge and with no credit check requirements, and all forms of payment are accepted, including cash, money orders, personal checks, and all major credit cards.  You can make an on-line payment here and a receipt will automatically be sent to you if you enter your e-mail address.